Day 1  |  Parallel Session 1

@ 11am, Wednesday 20th Feb

Our first parallel session features talks on engaging communities, climate impacts and valuation of marine ecosystem services. Choose which one you'd like to attend:

 Engagement: Learning from Conservation Success 

 Planning for the Future 

 Investing in Nature 

How can we engage communities to lead on conservation?

How is climate change impacting on Ireland's biodiversity?

How can we value ecosystem services from marine ecosystems?

What do we know about how climate change affects biodiversity, now and in the future? What do we need to do to better monitor the impacts, and adapt? How is biodiversity data helping to monitor a changing climate?


In this session, we'll learn about climate simulations and projections for Ireland, the ecological consequences for species and habitats, and what the indicators can tell us about impacts on human wellbeing.

Duration: 1 hour

Location: George's Hall, Upper Castle Yard 


  • Chair: Matthew Jebb (National Botanic Gardens)

  • Paul Nolan (Irish Centre for High-End Computing, ICHEC, and Met Éireann)

  • Tomas Murray (National Biodiversity Data Centre)

  • John Coll (NUI Maynooth)

How can we value the wide range of services that marine ecosystems provide to society and the economy? Which services do we choose to value, and how do we calculate that value? Which units of value do we use?


This session will hear from leading academics on economic and socio-cultural valuation of a range of ecosystem services, with a focus on the marine and coastal regions.

Duration: 1 hour

Location: Castle Hall, Upper Castle Yard


  • Chair: Tasman Crowe (University College Dublin)

  • John Brannigan (University College Dublin)

  • Melanie Austen (Plymouth University)

  • Daniel Norton (NUI Galway)

How can local conservation groups engage their neighbours? How can they engage state agencies and other stakeholders? And what do state agencies and others need to know about engaging with communities? 


This session will focus on community-based conservation and draw on the speakers' diverse backgrounds as organisers, facilitators and leaders at local level to help us learn from their experiences.

Duration: 1 hour

Location: Printworks Main Hall


  • Chair: Bernie O'Flaherty (Local Authority Waters and Communities Office)

  • Mark Horton (The Rivers Trust)

  • Kate Flood (Community Wetlands Forum)

  • Mary Mulvey (Community Uplands Forum)