Day 1  |  Parallel Session 2

@ 12.15pm, Wednesday 20th Feb

Our second parallel session features talks on biodiversity finance, managing biodiversity in river catchments and engaging the farming community. Choose which one you'd like to attend:

 Engagement: Learning from Conservation Success 

 Planning for the Future 

 Investing in Nature 

How can we engage farmers to conserve biodiversity?

How can we manage river catchments for biodiversity?

How are we financing biodiversity conservation?

River catchments are the unit of management for water quality under the Water Framework Directive, but what does that mean for biodiversity? Does better water quality necessarily mean better biodiversity? How can community priorities on biodiversity be considered in catchment-scale management?


In this session, we'll get an overview of water catchments and biodiversity in Ireland, hear from the EPA's Catchments Unit about how biodiversity relates to their objectives, learn how the Nore Vision process worked with communities catchment-wide to articulate the future they want for their river and hear how a catchment-scale conservation project to save the Freshwater Pearl Mussel has changed the way a beef farmer manages his farm.

Duration: 1 hour

Location: George's Hall, Upper Castle Yard 


  • Chair: Mary Kelly-Quinn (University College Dublin)

  • Marie Archbold (Environmental Protection Agency)

  • Caroline Crowley (Nore Vision)

  • John Foley (Beef Farmer in KerryLIFE Project)

Between 2010 and 2015, €1.49bn was spent on biodiversity conservation in Ireland. Where does this money come from? How was it spent, what for, and by whom? Where else should we be looking for biodiversity finance?

This session will explore the findings of the National Biodiversity Expenditure Review for Ireland (2018), a study that examines the distribution of biodiversity-related expenditure across government departments and agencies, NGOs and the private sector, and analyses the factors that have influenced the nature of biodiversity expenditure and trends in this spending over time.

Duration: 1 hour

Location: Castle Hall, Upper Castle Yard


  • Chair: Craig Bullock (University College Dublin)

  • Rachel Morrison (University College Dublin)

What works best to engage farmers for nature conservation? What are the factors that influence farmers when making management decisions on their land? How can we better motivate farmers to work to conserve biodiversity? What recommendations should we give to researchers or policymakers?


This session will hear from farmers and those working with them to promote better biodiversity management on farm land.

Duration: 1 hour

Location: Printworks Main Hall


  • Chair: Brendan Dunford (Burren Programme)

  • Donal Sheehan (Biodiversity Regeneration in a Dairying Environment Project, BRIDE)

  • Dolores Byrne (Results Based Agri-env Payment Schemes, RBAPS)

  • Brendan Joyce (Irish Natura Hill Farmers Association)

  • Aine Macken-Walsh (Teagasc)