Day 2  |  Parallel Session 5

@ 12.15pm, Thursday 21st Feb

Our fifth parallel session features talks on engaging the next generation, biodiversity in agricultural policy and accounting for natural capital. Choose which one you'd like to attend:

 Engagement: Learning from Conservation Success 

How can we engage businesses with biodiversity?

 Planning for the Future 

How can we plan for climate adaptation?

 Investing in Nature 

How do Payments for Ecosystem Services work?

Under the statutory National Adaptation Framework (NAF) for Climate Change, 12 sectors, including biodiversity, are required to prepare Sectoral Adaptation Plans. The goal of the Plan is to protect biodiversity from the impacts of climate change and to conserve and manage ecosystems so that they deliver services that increase the adaptive capacity of people and biodiversity. This is achieved by identifying adaptation options that will help to protect biodiversity and ecosystem services from the impacts of changing climate.


This session will present elements of the draft Biodiversity Sectoral Adaptation Plan and gather additional feedback to supplement the public consultation process.

Duration: 1 hour

Location: George's Hall, Upper Castle Yard



  • Chair: Margaret Desmond (Environmental Protection Agency)

  • Tara Shine (Change By Degrees)

What are Payments for Ecosystem services? How are they designed and implemented? Who gets paid, and who pays? What kind of impact do they have and what can we learn about the various projects that have used them to support biodiversity conservation?

This session will hear from people who are using PES models to support biodiversity conservation in agriculture.

Duration: 1 hour

Location: Castle Hall, Upper Castle Yard 


  • Chair: Caroline Sullivan (Hen Harrier Project)

  • Sharon Parr (Burren Programme)

  • Derek McLoughlin (Results Based Agri-environmental Payment Schemes Project / Pearl Mussel Project)

  • Amanda Browne (Aran LIFE)

What's the business case for biodiversity and what are the business benefits of taking action? What can businesses do to reduce negative impact and maximise their positive impact? What kinds of projects are they undertaking and how can we inspire more to get involved?

This session will hear from businesses leading on biodiversity and the NGOs supporting them through corporate conservation.

Duration: 1 hour

Location: Printworks Main Hall


  • Chair: Margaret O'Gorman (Wildlife Habitats Council)

  • Bernadette Phelan (Business in the Community Ireland)

  • David Flynn (Dawn Meats)

  • Eamonn O'Reilly (Dublin Port Company)

  • Richard Watson (Center Parcs)

  • Cathy Cronin (Intel Ireland)